Didn’t use bathmate for a whole week,the size remains…

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I did not make use of the bathmate for a whole week,and I did not do any member workouts or even utilized my traction….. I did want I needed to allow my member a rest…..

Exactly what did I discover now not pumping or performing any Premature ejaculation….

Some days my own flaccid reduced a little, particularly some days…. size good that it was still on Five inches, however it did not hang as fat as it would’ve executed if I made use of bathmate…. therefore I certainly wasted some width……

Holiday weekends….. the 9th and 10th day of No Premature ejaculation, I found my flaccid was clinging bigger again, still not as full as while I make use of the bathmate, but merely a great hang with it!

Measurement Reports:

Last week Prior to the Bathmate 5.25 inches and Last week After the Bathmate 6.25 inches.

This week (No Premature ejaculation) Before using the Bathmate pump is 5 inches and After using is Bathmate 6 inches.

Therefore …. this did type of get back to what it had been as I began with my own Xtreme Bathmate penis pump….. A month ago!

My flaccid used to be fuller though!

I haven’t measured my own Erect however when I began utilizing the Xtreme Bathmate A month ago that it was at 6 inches.

The erections during this week was awesome….. I proceeded trimming this week and my own erection strength were superb and sensed thicker and extremely harder than before.

I will measure my Erect dimension in next Month and find out should there be any kind of improvements.

This week because Friday I have been utilizing the Xtreme Bathmate pump again for 25 minutes each day and I am doing work every day…. and carrying my own Penile Extender for Twelve hrs every day … and back again performing Penis Extending as well as Jelqing each day…..

Will certainly make a different bathmate video…


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